Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AWB in LONDON - Round Two

Now that the dust has firmly settled on the Ronnie Scott's week, all 
the great audiences we had throughout the eight shows there, and
the fine summer evening we had at Hampton Pool to kick off our 
London visit, it would be remiss of me not to point out to our Estuary
fans that our next visit at the beginning of December is fast heading 
for a sellout fixture again.

The Jazz Cafe dates on Dec. 1 & 2 that we put in to cater for all the
gang that couldn't get into Ronnie's, are apparently at 80% (Mon.) 
and 70% (Tue.) already sold, and I would advise the 'wait-and-see' 
team to grab tickets now while they're still available. I know a LOT 
of people were complaining to us that they couldn't get Ronnie's 
tickets - they just didn't consider they would sell out so quickly - and 
we'd hate to hear the same complaints again from the procrastinators.

It's a great venue for two reasons: the balcony brigade have the seats
they love with their wine and grub and a bird's eye view, and the funky
floor fans have that real club vibe with the band right on top of them,
which we love too, as it just adds that extra energy from the crowd to
egg us on into the groove.

Of course, if you live out to the north of The City, there's always Sun.
30th November at The Junction, in Cambridge, only an hour up the
Motorway from the M25 nowadays, or if you are from the south end
of The Midlands, that would quite possibly serve your purpose well.
It's a cool venue, too, and there's a hotel & restaurants in the same
plaza, for a complete evening out.

We are coming straight in to the entire visit, to have a night at Butlin's
Soul Weekender down in Bognor Regis, on Saturday Nov. 29th, which
will bring back some fun memories to those of us that a) remember the
soul weekenders up in The North in the mid to late sixties and on, and
b) those of us who used to actually spend 'ligging' weekends at the
holiday camps for all sorts of reasons, either familial or in search of
teenage conquests - all set to the soul music of the day! Can't wait to
relive the nonsense of those halcyon days prior to responsibilities and
the 'real world' that overtook most of us after that.

Whatever your choice of venue, we're looking forward to ending our
best year in England since the Seventies with the above-mentioned 
gigs, and, personally speaking, I want to make sure you're aware of
the ticket sales already chalked up so we can see you at one of the
last shows of the year. The band always gets better and better as the
year goes on and the gigs get packed in, so I can guarantee some 
great stuff at The Jazz Caff, Cambridge, and Bognor in a few months.

Be well, be funky,  and - most of all - BE THERE!!

Cheers - and make mine a double.

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