Monday, November 30, 1998

Tour Done!!

A word to our supporters: Thanks for coming to see us throughout the English tour, and giving us a fair hearing along the way. It wasn't the easiest of outings, and we had to perform in some less than perfect surroundings, but by and large the response was genuine and welcoming and several of the gigs were very satisfying - we definitely made some new friends (who might ultimately become real fans), and the already fans made their presence felt from beginning to end.

The final night in London was fantastic, and the band played their asses off at Sound Republic, aided by the fact that here was a gig designed and tailored for quality performance - a multi-media venue that embodied the best of both worlds, for the artist and the audience, and which I think is a revelation for a British venue in that no expense has been spared to enhance the abilities of the musicians and the opportunity for the crowd to experience that possibility in the most intimate atmosphere. F***ing grrreat!!!! (Said with Scottish accent, please)

All through, the guys played for each other, and were able to carry off the most difficult shows with integrity - now we really deserve a break from the road and some time off to recharge the inventive batteries that will lead to the next recording venture in the spring.

To the US fans (you swell in numbers each year........) we hope you've enjoyed the "Face To Face" CD which you've been able to preview prior to its EMI release in spring '99, and look out for our first Stateside March gigs in the southeast, hopefully belting out some new material headed for the next album.

To all of make us what we are!!

Happy Holidays, and keep the SOUL alive.


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